Glasco UV distributes our products through a network of authorized resellers in your area  

Residential and Commercial UV disinfection equipment will have been installed by a water quality professional.  UV lamps need to be replaced on a yearly basis.  Glasco UV does not generally sell parts to end users.   Parts should be available from your installer. If you do not have access to that professional, please email us at with your information and we will find you a reseller.

We do not sell our components online or on ebay. You may find UV lamps listed for Glasco UV products, but please be warned that these may be lower quality imports.   Since your UV system has been installed due to a potential microbial issue, it is important that the UV lamp is of the highest quality.   We recommend that you do not purchase from online sources.  

Glasco UV distributes some products and systems directly to industrial and municipal end users.

Please email us your required parts and we will get back to you.  Send all inquires along with photos to 

PRIOR TO CONTACTING GLASCO UV (this will help us better serve you)

1.  Have your model number

2.  Have your lamp part number or a description (length, # pins, wires, etc.)

3. If you are having a particular issue or cannot find a model number, please take a picture and forward to us at 



 126 Christie Avenue, Mahwah, NJ, USA