126 Christie Avenue, Mahwah, NJ, USA 

  • 50 years of install history
  • 316L stainless steel tubing
  • Electropolished
  • Hydrostatically pressure tested
  • MNPT or flange fittings



  • IL-300-4             IL-BT-300-4
  • IL-300-6
  • IL-300-8

  • IL-5000-2
  • IL-5000-4
  • IL-5000-6

  • IL-6000-2
  • IL-6000-4           IL-BT-6000-4
  • IL-6000-6           IL-BT-6000-6
  • IL-6000-8           IL-BT-6000-8
  • IL-6000-10         IL-BT-6000-10
  • IL-6000-12         IL-BT-6000-12
  • IL-6000-16         IL-BT-6000-16
  • IL-6000-20         IL-BT-6000-20
  • IL-6000-24         IL-BT-6000-24
  • IL-6000-30         IL-BT-6000-36
  • IL-6000-40         IL-BT-6000-40
  • IL-6000-48         IL-BT-6000-48
  • IL-6000-60

  • IL-BT-9000-4
  • IL-BT-9000-6
  • IL-BT-9000-8
  • IL-BT-9000-12
  • IL-BT-9000-24
  • IL-BT-9000-30
  • ​IL-BT-9500

  • Chemical free
  • Effective on wide range of microorganisms
  • Economical
  • Easy to service
  • US EPA accepted technology
  • Proven safe technology

Systems are designed for Disinfection, TOC reduction and Ozone destruction.   These larger flow rate UV systems are good for flow exceeding 50 gpm. 

Systems for Disinfection and Ozone destruction utilize low pressure UV lamps in the 254 nm range.   Systems for TOC reduction utilize low pressure UV lamps in the 185 nm range.


The IL and IL-BT Series are proudly manufactured in the USA at our Mahwah, NJ manufacturing facility.  These high end American made UV disinfection systems are constructed of 316L stainless steel electropolished vessels.

Systems are designed to treat flow greater than 50 gpm.    The IL-HF is considered a "U" style reactor with the inlet and outlet on the chamber.   The IL-BT is considered an "BULLET" or "L" style reactor with the inlet on one end of the vessel.


larger flow industrial - UV DISINFECTION