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  • Vessels can be code stamped
  • Gas purged enclosure
  • Remote explosion proof enclosures



A hazardous location is defined as a place where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or dusts occur. Electrical equipment that is installed in these locations is designed and tested to ensure it does not initiate an explosion, due to arcing contacts or high surface temperature of equipment.

Utilizing traditional explosion proof enclosures and parts as well gas purge technology (gas purge systems are designed to shut down in the event of gas pressure loss) Glasco designs systems to meet varied engineering protocols.

The concern in hazardous installations is that even voltages insufficient to break down air can be associated with enough energy to ignite atmospheres containing flammable gases or vapors, or suspended dust. For example, hydrogen gas, natural gas, or petrol/ gasoline vapor mixed with air can be ignited by sparks produced by electrical apparatus.

Examples of industrial facilities with hazardous areas are petrochemical refineries, chemical plants, grain elevators, and coal mines.

Note:  Each engineered system will be designed based on our past experiences.  Since each installation is different (Countries, Zones, Engineers, Corporate Policy) it is important that all requirements are addressed during the proposal stage.   Many projects have their own design standards that do not match our normal equipment.   Glasco UV has the ability to address these issues ahead of time.   This includes special adapters, connections, buttons, displays and a host of other items that are typically found on these projects.


  • Wide range of hazardous area classifications
  • Gas purged or traditional EXP enclosures
  • Designed for UV Oil and UV Gas installations
  • Designed for drinking and wastewater
  • Small footprint
  • High output or Amalgam lamps
  • UV monitoring system

The “IL-EXP” systems are manufactured in the USA and are designed to treat flows ranging from .25 to 1,000’s of gallons per minute.  UV systems designed for oil and gas rig UV disinfection applications.  Used in hazardous environments requiring UV.

The IL-EXP Series is designed and customized to meet a variety of hazardous area classifications (Class I, Division 1 Class I, Division 2 Class II, Division 1 Class II, Division 2 Class III, Division 1 and Class III, Division 2).


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  • IL-EXP-300-2
  • IL-EXP-300-4
  • IL-EXP-300-6
  • IL-EXP-500-2
  • IL-EXP-500-4
  • IL-EXP-5000-4
  • IL-EXP-5000-6
  • IL-EXP-6000-6