Systems are designed for Disinfection, TOC reduction and Ozone destruction.   These larger flow rate UV systems are good for flows up to 100 gpm. 

Systems for Disinfection and Ozone destruction utilize low pressure UV lamps in the 254 nm range.   Systems for TOC reduction utilize low pressure UV lamps in the 185 nm range.

IL-300-4  - 100 GPM UV SYSTEM

Glasco UV works through a network of water professionals. Many companies and manufacturers source their own systems online.   Glasco UV's disinfection systems are constructed of 316L stainless steel electropolished vessels.

Not all UV systems are equal.  Many systems found at online stores are not high quality and not suitable for your application.   Contact us for a competitive quote to what you may find online and we will provide an overview of what is the best unit for your application.       

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